Anambra Election: Ubah Congratulates Soludo, Asks Contestants To Inch On

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The candidate of the Young Progressives Event (YPP), Ifeanyi Ubah, has congratulated the Governor-elect of Anambra Deliver, Charles Soludo.

Ubah, who represents Anambra South senatorial district, commended Soludo of the All Progressives Enormous Alliance (APGA) for his victory within the apt-concluded governorship election within the order.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the lawmaker talked about that he has no notion to narrate the election results offered by the Unbiased Nationwide Electoral Commission (INEC).

Which means that, he requested loads of contestants within the governorship lope to circulation on and note suit within the rush of honour no longer to contest the ends in court docket.

Consistent with Ubah, the journey so a ways has no longer been that of roses, nonetheless one fleshy of trials, triumphs, usaand downs.

He added that within the face of intimidating challenges and complexities, YPP displayed indomitable courage because the secure together got right here fourth within the poll.

The YPP candidate talked about that the discontinue end result of the election used to be no longer what the secure together wanted and labored so laborious for.

He talked about whereas some of us personal expressed blended emotions and reactions about the purported anomalies witnessed across a broad sequence of polling devices, the collective hobby of the order ought to be the paramount focal level.



Umunne M Ndi Anambra,

I in actuality personal apt known as the newly elected Governor of our dear Deliver; Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo to congratulate him on his victory on the apt-concluded November 6, 2021, Anambra Governorship poll.

To all the pieces, there’s a season, so the Holy Bible says.

It is with a coronary heart fleshy of gratitude and submission to the necessity of God that I take care of you all this day, having loved the engaging privilege of earning your enhance to lope making an are attempting the Governorship place of work of our dear Deliver Anambra.

The past months personal been defining for us in numerous respects. In the designate-as much as this election, we personal been certain together by the necessity and shared imaginative and prescient that now would possibly perchance well well maybe be the time for our order to chart a recent course, to fabricate life greater and more main for our of us. We unveiled a strategic agenda for a recent, greater and prosperous Anambra.

After staring on the fortunes of Anambra Deliver dwindle for years, we collectively launched into this journey to translate to reality, the dreams of an even bigger future and shared prosperity for the of us of Anambra Deliver. In all, we gave our very most keen, for judgment of appropriate and unsuitable and for posterity.

Our journey has no longer been that of roses. Our journey has been fleshy of trials, triumphs, usaand downs; nonetheless, within the face of intimidating challenges and complexities, we displayed indomitable courage.

Umunne m, right here’s no longer the discontinue end result that we wanted and labored so laborious for. Even though some of us personal expressed blended emotions and reactions about the anomalies witnessed across a broad sequence of polling devices. Then all once more, the collective hobby of the order ought to be our paramount focal level. Not minding the discontinue end result of the elections, I in actuality feel pleasure and gratitude for this formidable marketing campaign that we waged without reference to the pervasive security crisis that did no longer allow us to maximise our fleshy marketing campaign potentials within the nooks and crannies of the Deliver.

Retrospectively, it is incontrovertible to order that our marketing campaign has helped expand the wider myth of democracy and true governance in Anambra Deliver. Despite the discontinue end result of this election, our dreams of an even bigger Anambra Deliver stay sacrosanct.

As a Democrat and regulation-abiding citizen, I wholeheartedly accept the discontinue end result of the election and would compile to make pronounce of this medium to congratulate Prof. Charles Soludo on his victory. It is crucial to order that I discontinue no longer intend to narrate the electoral results as offered by the Unbiased Nationwide Electoral Commission (INEC) through any court docket or judicial course of;

(1) APC: 43,285

(2) APGA: 112,229

(3) PDP: 53,807

(4) YPP: 21,261

(5) A: 2,054

(6) AA: 83

(7) AAC: 588

(8) ADC: 324

(9) ADP: 773

(10) APN: 301

(11) APP: 139

(12) BP: 186

(13) LP: 2,802

(14) NNPP: 117

(15) NRM: 213

(16) SDP: 842

(17) ZLP: 2,082

(18) PRP: 437

I, therefore, lope my fellow contestants to circulation on and thread this identical course of honour.

No matter the complete challenges that we faced; the electoral end result proves that YPP is right here to preserve;

APGA – 19 LGAs



APC – 0

Subsequently, we can work assiduously to make sure we reposition our secure together for bigger heights.

At this juncture, I favor to lope our incoming Governor to behavior Local Govt elections and grant fleshy monetary autonomy to our LGAs in repeat for them to bring dividends of democracy to the grassroots. I also favor to enjoin Prof. Soludo to repeatedly steal Anambrarians within the Diaspora as extreme stakeholders. As a commercially viable order, our traders ought to be supported and given the requisite incentives to develop.

There is an pressing must undertake a proactive, intelligence-basically basically based, and expertise-driven means to tackle the novel jam of insecurity in our dear Deliver Anambra through networking and strategic knowledge dissemination.

I inspire our Governor-elect to promote hastily Industrialisation and work in concord with contributors of the Nationwide Assembly within the order so that you can harness the instrumentality of the Nationwide Assembly to create a synergy between the Federal and Deliver Govt. Improved correctly being tourism must even be on the centre stage of his administration’s coverage thrust.

Our dear Deliver Anambra is a land of opportunities; a residence for each person and the “Gentle of the Nation”. It is therefore a level of responsibility and responsibility to appropriate the ills of the earlier administration and ensure we stay a centre of opportunities and development for each person; a predicament where Anambrarians can discontinue their dreams and aspirations.

To my companion and the young of us, who had to suffer many months, days, and nights without me; I thank you for your take care of and steadfastness. You would possibly perchance well well proceed to be my pillar of energy.

I salute the males, females and youths who believed and demonstrated their faith by investing their time and assets in my marketing campaign. Thank you for staying the course!

I’m immensely grateful to my chums too a broad sequence of to level out (residence and abroad), secure together leadership and contributors, correctly-wishers and fixed supporters who so generously contributed their time and energy to my marketing campaign for the duration of this long election season. I thank you all immensely for your enhance and encouragement because without your magnanimous inputs we would personal by no manner been this brave and impactful. Thank you for the prayers, courage, generosity, and take care of that I witnessed for the duration of this marketing campaign.

I also compile to commend my fellow candidates for his or her exemplary candour and sportsmanship for the duration of the course of the selling campaign.

Conclusively, I in actuality personal gallantly moved on to the next a part of my life and personal forgiven every body, including my trusted allies that labored against me.

As we stay unsleeping for with enthusiasm, the initiating up of the next dispensation led by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, I commit your entire leadership and citizenry of Anambra Deliver into the stable hands of the Almighty God, on whose shoulder, the governance of our dear Deliver has rested from the inception.

In all, we reckon and submit to the supremacy of God’s will.

All vitality belongs to God!

Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Ubah

Anambra South Senatorial District.

November 10, 2021

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