Enrage mounts in Istanbul, Athens over blizzard chaos

Enrage mounts in Istanbul, Athens over blizzard chaos

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Commuters wait for tramway in Karakoy district of Istanbul on January 25, 2022 after a snowstorm. Istanbul is experiencing heavy snowfalls, with roads blocked, flights and intercity transportation canceled and thousands of vehicles stranded on majors roads. — AFP
Commuters stay awake for tramway in Karakoy district of Istanbul on January 25, 2022 after a blizzard. Istanbul is experiencing heavy snowfalls, with roads blocked, flights and intercity transportation canceled and thousands of autos stranded on majors roads. — AFP 

ISTANBUL: Stranded passengers chanted protests at Europe’s busiest airport in Istanbul on Tuesday and troopers dug out snowed-in drivers in Athens as a uncommon blizzard stirred up madden and chaos all over swathes of the eastern Mediterranean.

Istanbul officials ordered all non-public autos off the slushy streets and Athenians abandoned their autos in drifting snow as classic companies corresponding to food offer in both cities ground to a end.

The issues had been compounded in Athens and all over a couple of of Greece’s scenic islands by energy cuts in the uncommon iciness freeze.

“Athens is no longer weak to this quantity of snow,” 50-300 and sixty five days-worn Neo Psychiko remarked as revellers took selfies everywhere in the white-dusted hills of the Parthenon temple.

But grand of the worldwide attention exasperated by the fate of Istanbul’s most foremost airport — a intellectual glass-and-steel construction that affords connecting flights spanning grand of the arena.

A blizzard on Monday closed Istanbul Airport for the first time because it took over from the worn Ataturk Airport because the contemporary hub for Turkish Airways in 2019.

The first flight since Monday afternoon landed from the Venezuelan capital Caracas after one of the runways used to be cleared to fair accumulate a couple of flights.

However the varied two runways remained snowed below and fair correct a handful of the a whole lot of of delayed flights had been scheduled to remove off or land on Tuesday.

‘We need a resort’

Istanbul Airport serviced extra than 37 million passengers closing 300 and sixty five days despite disruptions triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

It first grabbed the title of Europe’s busiest airport in 2020 — fair correct a 300 and sixty five days after it opened — attributable to Turkey’s decision to permit travellers to freely enter the country in a disclose to elevate tourism revenues.

Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport got right here in 2nd closing 300 and sixty five days by accepting nearly 31 million passengers.

Ragged capitals of European gallop ahead of the pandemic — along side London and Paris — like seen their passenger numbers implode as global carriers rearrange their flight patterns to fit the contemporary realities.

But President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s critics had long wondered his decision to construct the airport on a miles away patch along the Sunless Sea flee that is always covered with fog in iciness.

Istanbul’s 2nd airport on its Asian aspect approach the Sea of Marmara stayed launch throughout the storm.

A huge sequence of passengers stuck aboard stranded flights took to Twitter to air their grievances with the airport’s buyer carrier and lack of updates.

“Not even a bottle of water supplied. Zero scenario for women with children,” user Chris Wiggett wrote in a odd tweet.

Footage tweeted from throughout the packed airport on Tuesday showed a pissed off crowd chanting “we would prefer a resort”.


The Istanbul mayor’s build of job mentioned some parts of town of 16 million of us had recorded 85 centimetres (2.8 feet) of snow.

The Istanbul governor’s build of job closed the plan’s universities until Monday and equipped a temporary suspension of non-emergency traffic into town from its Asian and European facets.

The danger regarded fair correct as chaotic in Greece.

Officials reported a “superhuman” effort had managed to obvious the sequence of autos stranded along the predominant toll road encircling Athens from 1,200 to 500 by Tuesday evening.

The Greek authorities declared Tuesday and Wednesday as public holidays in a disclose to restrict the sequence of day-to-day commuters and succor ongoing efforts to obvious the streets.

However the unscheduled days off did little to take cling of Greeks’ spirits in the midst of the iciness freeze.

“I like had no electrical energy since Monday evening,” pensioner Dionyssis Kiourkakis instructed AFP. “This is vulgar. If I had been youthful, I would drag away Greece.”

The Athens public prosecutor’s build of job opened an investigation as officials traded blame over who used to be accountable for the circular toll road’s disruptive closure.

Greek civil security minister Christos Stylianides issued a proper apology while assigning accountability on the non-public motorway administration firm Attiki Odos.

The administration firm furthermore mentioned it used to be sorry nonetheless blamed the issues on “vehicle breakdowns and ignorance of motorists”.

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