Family Doctor Testifies, Says Sylvester Oromoni Did Not Die Of Blunt Power Trauma

Family Doctor Testifies, Says Sylvester Oromoni Did Not Die Of Blunt Power Trauma

A combination of file photography of the front gate of Dowen College and Sylvester Oromoni.

A 3rd prosecution scrutinize, Doctor Aghogho Owhojedo, the Oromoni’s family doctor, has testified at the coroner’s inquest investigating the controversial loss of life of the Dowen College Pupil.

The doctor, who treated the late Sylvester Oromoni Jnr from Nov 26th when he arrived in Warri till Nov 30th, 2021 when he within the kill died, testified that he did now not learn about any evidence of physical assault on the deceased.

While answering questions from counsel to no doubt one of many accused Dowen College Students, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Godwin Omoaka, the family doctor also suggested the coroner, Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri that Sylvester Oromoni Jnr did now not die of blunt power trauma.

In the court cases, which lasted over 7 hours at the Coroners Court sitting in Ikeja, Dr. Owhojedo acknowledged he treated the late Sylvester at the Oromoni’s home in Warri on memoir of his situation became now not existence-threatening when he first seen him on the 26th.

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“Since you felt his situation became now not serious, you disagreed with his father when he requested that you simply admit the young man to the health center?” the counsel requested

“No, that is now not appropriate”, replied the doctor.

“So why did you now not admit him?” the counsel questioned. The deceased father called me and acknowledged his son sustained injuries whereas playing football. The little one became given first attend in college at the sick bay and there became no evidence of fracture or dislocation, on his upper or decrease limbs.

“His body became very popular as he had a excessive temperature of 38.7oc. The private ward became now not on hand within the intervening time and since there became no fracture or dislocation, I managed him at home on an ad-hoc foundation, a nurse became with him,” the doctor outlined.

The counsel requested every other time, “On the 26th must you examined the young man, did you learn about any evidence of physical assault on him.?”

“No, I did now not” came the doctor’s answer. He on the opposite hand admitted that the late

Sylvester became in disaster from the 26 to the 30th of Nov. 2021 when he died.

Talking further relating to the care administered to Sylvester, the doctor outlined that he “took blood samples and did a test for fat blood rely, random blood sugar, and typhoid fever.

“That end result showed he had malaria fever and we treated him for malaria from the 26th to the 28th with a nurse in attendance. I equally seen the redness of the upper lips that could per chance well also now not be a outcomes of malaria, so I referred them to St. Louis Diagnostics for scan and x-ray on the 29th.

“The got to me late on the 29th and published that the boy had enlarged liver.

“Enlarged liver could per chance well also even be precipitated by heart failure, trauma(beating), sickle cell illness, ingestion of a pass or poisonous substance, sepsis and rarely severe malaria.”

When requested if he took any sample from the boy’s body to select if he ingested something, Doctor Owhojedo acknowledged, he got the info on the 29th that the deceased became given pass substance to ingest and he suggested the fogeys that the initial info given to him became defective.

“I suggested the guardian to make a selection him to a toxicology screening and that became when we took the likelihood to make a selection him to the Delta Vow Educating Sanatorium, Oghara,” the medical practitioner stressed.

The counsel went on to query Doctor Owhojedo if he accepts that between the 26th and 30th Nov, Sylvester’s situation step by step deteriorated, however the doctor became of the idea that the deceased got better a little but now not as appropriate as became anticipated.

He added that “in step with the historical past given to me, that he sustained an disaster whereas playing football…If I had been suggested he took pass substances originally or powerful earlier, I would grasp initiated a transfer powerful earlier and a toxicological screening powerful earlier”.

When requested if an disaster whereas playing football could per chance kill up within the introduction of an infection, in this case, sepsis into the body if now not well managed, the doctor replied: “Certain it’ll”.

“Would I be appropriate to claim and would you accept that Sylvester Oromoni did now not die as a outcomes of blunt power trauma?” the defense counsel questioned,

“Certain”, the doctor replied.

The counsel – Godwin Omoaka  – then questioned that “in step with what that that you simply must even grasp suggested the court; that that you simply must well now not recount that that he invested any pass substance?”

“I’m now not a pathologist or a toxicologist, I will now not answer that query of,” the doctor answered.

While answering questions under harmful-examination from counsel to Dowen College, Anthony Kpokpo, the scrutinize testified that as of November 26, 2021, he ran some laboratory blood checks.

He acknowledged, “I checked his packed-cell volume (PCV). it became 34% and by the 30th of November, his PCV became 31%. He became febrile to contact”

When requested for the interval he visited the little one at home, the scrutinize admitted that between the 27th & 28th, there became a time-lapse of 32 hours.

“I visited the deceased at 9 am on November 27 and the following talk over with became at 5 pm on November 28….a 32-hour interval”

“If he had been to your health center, would that you simply can also were faraway from a patient with severe painful damage, with an enlarged liver for 32 hours? Voice to the court what the circle of ward round is?”

“Ward-round is achieved every morning and rarely within the night with the nurses.”

“On the 30th you published that the patient became introduced in slow on arrival?” the counsel inquired and the doctor replied, “yes, he became rushed to the health center at about 10 am, and thanks to powerful wailing and unhappiness, I did now not venture a loss of life certificate.”

Counsel to the Lagos Vow Authorities, Mr Akin George also harmful-examined the family doctor who admitted that the late Sylvester Oromoni, became now not taken to a health center for medication but became taken to church by his family for prayers.

Dr. Owhojedo also testified that he attended the identical church, God’s Grace Ministry World Church, with the Oromoni’s.

“What became your response to the medication at a church somewhat than a upright medical facility?” the counsel requested.

“I am mindful that the church is now not a medication centre. I am now not against prayer, I will recall a combination of both prayer and medical medication,” the doctor replied.

He acknowledged that the late Oromoni could per chance well also now not be taken to the instructing health center on memoir of his situation deteriorated and he passed away.

“Which health center became he ever taken to sooner than he died?” George requested. “He became treated at home,” the doctor replied.

The Coroner, Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri, adjourned court cases till February 7th when the daddy, Sylvester Oromoni senior and his daughter, are anticipated to testify.

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