Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem to compete in javelin throw final at Tokyo Olympics

Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem to compete in javelin throw final at Tokyo Olympics

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Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem. Photo: File.
Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem. Photo: File.

KARACHI: Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem will compete in the Javelin Throw final at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday evening.

Arshad stands among the  12 contestants who are appearing in the final contest, scheduled to start at 4pm according to Pakistan Standard Time.

In round one of the final competition,  each of the throwers will be allowed three attempts to throw.   This will follow with the eight athletes on the top advancing into round two with three more attempts, while the rest will be eliminated. 

Six best of these throws will be taken into account.

With high expectations from millions of Pakistanis, Arshad looks forward to bringing a medal home.

Arshad qualifies for final round

Arshad’s throw of 85.16m was the best in his group earlier, in the group stage of javelin throw. This attempt brought him into the final game on Wednesday, giving the nation hope of bringing a medal home.

Later, he stood third in the overall group stage with India’s Neeraj Chopra and Germany’s Johannes Vetter on first and second positions, respectively.

The 24-year-old athlete is considered one of the strongest contenders to win the medals.

Having the season and personal best of 86.38m, Arshad has put himself among the top athletes of the competition, with only three athletes – Johannes Vetter (96.29m), Neeraj Chopra (88.07) and Andrian Mardare (86.66) ahead of him.

More about Arshad

Arshad is Pakistan’s national javelin throw champion, undefeated since 2015. However, he has broken his own national records seven times during the last six years.

The Pakistanis have their eyes set on Arshad as Pakistan has not won an Olympic medal since 1992. The last Olympic medal for the country was a bronze, claimed by the Hockey team at Barcelona. Before that, Boxer Hussain Shah had brought an individual medal home in 1988.

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