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Everyone needs to have an exercise routine. Staying healthy depends largely on staying active. A great way to achieve optimal health is to combine sport and physical recreation. Think outside the box and nontraditional activities can be considered sport. This way you’ll have all kinds of options to choose from.

Sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and volleyball are all great activities to participate in. Not only do you get exercise, but you can also form friendships. Encouraging children to partake in games that involve sport and physical recreation is one way to help them stay active and healthy. Recreational sports also teach team work and sportsmanship to children, both of which are valuable tools they’ll need later in life. If your child shows an interest in joining a sport at school encourage them to go for it.

Hunting is an activity that you may not think of in terms of a sport, but ask any hunter how much exercise and exertion is involved in tromping through the woods looking for deer. Not to mention if you actually manage to kill the deer and have to drag it out of the woods. So hunting should be on your list of sport and physical recreation activities if you like that sort of thing.

Practice and enter a 5k run. Jogging has long been a favorite outdoor activity. Races are great recreational activities that let joggers put their best foot forward so to speak. A race can be considered a sport because there is a winner; whoever crosses the finish line first! If you enjoy jogging by all means include it in your sport and physical recreation program.

Join a bowling team. Bowling is a fun activity that people of all ages enjoy. If your employer has a bowling team you can combine physical activity and getting to know your co-workers in one place. Kids like bowling also, so setting a day each month to go bowling as a family is a great idea.

Some other activities you might want to consider are:

o Biking: Get your biking shorts on, practice for a while, and then join a bike race. This offers great exercise and a way to see the country side.

o Frisbee: Playing Frisbee with your family, friends, and even your dog is great exercise. They even have Frisbee teams and events now that you might like to get in to.

o Horseshoes: This is another nontraditional sport you might like to try. You could set some pegs up in your backyard and turn this into a neighborhood activity.

As you can see, there are different ways to combine sport and physical activity that are fun and offer great exercise benefits. Now you just have to pick the one’s you like best and get to work!

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