Sport Specific Conditioning

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A true sport specific exercise program is built entirely upon the principles of functional exercise. Functional exercises are designed to restore balance, lengthen, strengthen, and coordinate movement patterns specific to the golf swing, to the swimmers stroke, to the sport that you are focusing on. Exercise programming and periodization will cater to exactly what area you want to improve upon and more than that, it will improve your game.

Sport Specific Conditioning focuses on stabilization techniques that incorporate a tremendous amount of core conditioning exercises. The core is the powerhouse in your body. Strengthen your core and you will have more power in everything you do. More balance. More flexibility.

The athletic demands of most exercises place huge demands on the body’s musculature structure causing a lack of balance and stability that leads to injury as the exercise or movement is repeated over and over again.

Creating a practical, life integrated, sport specific conditioning program for your sport will provide major improvements in your flexibility, muscular strength, your cardiovascular system and a solid, balanced body that will produce harmony in your body.

Conditioning and programming is essential for your sport and game. The results from following a well-rounded exercise program that is tailored specifically to you and your goals is almost guaranteed. Nutritional consultation should be incorporated into this program as well. Focusing on reducing body fat by following a healthy diet will increase your performance as well as carry over into your regular life.

There are so many new options for cross training since I originally wrote this article – Paddle boarding is one great “newer” option. I have found that swimming has become my new love!

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