Those Behind Violence In Imo Will Be Exposed Soon, Says Uzodinma

Those Behind Violence In Imo Will Be Exposed Soon, Says Uzodinma


Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, says security agencies are compiling a comprehensive report to reveal the sponsors of violence in the state.

He gave the hint on Wednesday when he featured as a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today where he highlighted the government’s effort at restoring peace in Imo.

“I want to allow the security agencies to do their job and because the matter is still under investigation; I don’t want to pre-empt the investigations that are going on.

“But I can assure you that sooner than later, you will see a comprehensive report that will expose identities of those behind what has happened in Imo State and what is possibly happening in other states of the country,” the governor said.

He was reacting to the attacks on security facilities in the state, including the incidents at the Custodial Centre and Police Headquarters in Owerri, the state capital.

According to him, Nigeria is a federation and people can see the trend of crime and violence in various parts of the country.

Governor Uzodinma insisted that the present security challenges in Imo and some other states were being sponsored by those bent on bringing down the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government.

A file photo of Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma.

‘Our National Treasure’

He alleged that some politicians were taking advantage of the security problems to score political points ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The governor stated that Nigerians would be shocked when the identities of the sponsors of violence were revealed, saying that would be done soon.

On the creation of state police, he faulted those blaming President Muhammadu Buhari as he argued that it was not in the President’s power to make that happen.

Governor Uzodinma said, “You don’t blame challenges of governance when it has to do with security on President Muhammadu Buhari because he is not the author of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

“I was in the 7th Senate and we did everything to amend the Constitution to allow for state police, we carried out a public hearing but it was voted out. In the 8th Senate, we did everything to allow for state police, it was voted out.”

“President Muhammadu Buhari is not in the National Assembly and he cannot work outside the Constitution he has sworn to defend. If you want state police, call on the National Assembly to amend the Constitution to allow for the creation of state police.

“The President cannot amend the Constitution on his own and he cannot administratively create state police, he will be violating his oath of office. Let us not allow our selfish interests and ambitions blindfold us to the extent that we will do things that will destroy the country – that is our national treasure,” he added.

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